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Welcome to Rascal Haven

Micro Invasion now 60% off.

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Micro Invasion for Xbox 360 is now only 80 MS points or $1. That's 60% off the original 200 MS point price or $2.50.

Download it here.


My GamerCard

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Just taking a little time to make my Gamercard available to everyone that visits. Anyone can add me to their friends list if they like. You can also send me messages using this.



Last Updated on Friday, 13 January 2012 20:13

New Look

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We just finished updating the website to give it a new and better look. Hopefully returning visitors will like the new look over the old one. This one looks cleaner and is easier to update. Any comments are welcome.



Last Updated on Friday, 13 January 2012 20:13

What are Xbox Live Indie Games?

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There is a poll runing to the right side of the screen. The last option is: What are Xbox Live Indie Games? If you selected this option, then have a short read on this wikipedia article. Short and simple explanation of what Indie Games are.

If your interested for more about Indie Games, XboxIndies.com is available for you to browse all available indie games. There you can find  a page for each game with the game's description, images, videos (if available), and links to a review of each game. You can also recommend the game to others from within the game's page and even download the game to your Xbox 360 from there. Be sure to visit the site and support Indie Game Creators.



Last Updated on Friday, 13 January 2012 20:12

Vote for Micro Invasion

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Xbox Live Indie Games Catalog website is available and lists all games available on the Xbox Marketplace Indie Games section. From this website you can see what games are new or recently updated, see game description for each game, vote on the games you've played, and even download the game directly to your Xbox 360 from that website.
We encourege everyone to visit the website and vote for Micro Invasion. To vote, click on the image above to go to the game's page. After you vote, you can return here and  leave us feedback for the game in the forum.



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